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Watch Out The Present Loan Market Condition When You Consider Personal Loans!

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When it comes to availing loans,personal loans are the most preferred ones.There are a number of choices available for borrowers in UK.Earlier these kinds of finances were available from high street banks and building societies.Today,the scenario has changed completely.There are innumerable online lenders offering such finances.

When you avail such funds,you must consider the present financial market condition.According to a recent report,banks in UK have been on the prowl to make more money by increasing their personal loan rates.It is believed that some lenders have increased the average rate of interest charged on such finances by 1 per cent.This is despite the fact that the base interest rate is still at its lowest level ever at 0.5 per cent.

According to a price comparison website,the average personal loan rate is now being made available at 9.07 pr cent,which sees an increase from 8.74 per cent a year ago.This has made it very tough for borrowers to avail loans.This move by some bankers is making things very difficult for borrowers.The result is this that some borrowers are reeling under the effect.They are finding it extremely difficult to turn up to banks to avail funds.

Hence,if you are a borrower contemplating to avail finance,you must prod carefully.Make sure that you approach a bank that offers finance at a favourable rate of interest.You must make a careful research about the various banks offering finances and check out which offers funds at a lower rate of interest.You will be surprised to know that borrowers who had availed these kinds of funds last year are leaving them reeling under the effect.The rising loan rates have made it impossible for borrowers to even consider opting for such finances.

However,there are not all the lenders who are offering funds at a higher rate of interest.Therefore,you must scour through the entire loan market and choose finances that are being offered at a favourable rate of interest.This will help you lay your hands on a loan with a favourable rate of interest.Or else,you may have to consider giving up availing personal loans completely in the wake of rising rate of interest.Make an informed choice by doing a complete research over the types of loans available!

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The Gold Loan Verses The Personal Loan

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You can use the financial support banks lend for almost anything from international travel to a medical emergency. So, there are several kinds of resources that you may have that come in handy while taking the loan for generic financial requirements. One of the resources is loan. However, it is important to know the purpose of taking a loan. You need to compare factors like interest rates, eligibility criteria, processing fees, prepayment penalties, etc. before applying for any one of these emergency loans. Many of the loans are easily available, which is basically divided into two types: secured and unsecured loans. The most common and popular secured loan is Gold Loan.

Gold Loan:

This type of loan against gold uses it as the collateral deposit, which needs to be kept with the bank in order to obtain a loan. This loan has lower interest rates but the risks are extremely high. In case a default occurs, you could risk the loss of ownership of the gold you have. However, the gold loan is the most favorable emergency loan in India.
As most Indians traditionally and culturally keep a lot of gold for various occasions like wedding gifts and investments. An emergency loan can be processed as the loan against idle gold. Most leading banks like provide gold loans for excellent interest rates that range between 12 – 16%. You can use gold to secure an emergency loan based on (Loan to value) LTV ratio. This may be higher than the other type of loans; however this proves to be very beneficial when a high amount of loan is needed.

Personal Loan:
In the personal loan, you need not pledge any security or collateral. Personal loans are easy to handle, fast and hassle free, thus proving to be an ideal option for emergency financial requirements. Since it doesnt require any collateral, one can get a personal loan as easily as clicking a button.

Compared to gold loan, personal loan has higher interest rate. Though, most banks offer competitive rate between 14 to 25%. However, it is processed much faster. If you provide all the documents necessary, organizations like HDFC bank sanction and credit the loan amount in your account within 24 hours. The most important thing it can do is to help you escape the crisis or the need. So, whether you have time to opt for gold loan or have a good credit score for the personal loan, these financial products are designed to evade the financial need.

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Stated Mortgage Loan Programs

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Are you trying to refinance your mortgage or purchase a new home? Has your mortgage broker or account executive recommended stated mortgage loan programs that you do not understand whatsoever? There are reasons why they might recommend these programs and reasons why you should avoid them. Here is what you need to know about stated mortage loan programs.

First, if you are a typical worker that collects a paycheck each week or every other week, then this is a program that you need to avoid. It is being recommended to you because they cannot get the loan done with another program. This is usually a sign that the mortgage you are trying to get is one that you really cannot afford and the stated program will just set you up for failure and possibly foreclosure.

Second, if you are self employed, then this is your program. It was originally designed for self employed individuals because they have a lot of trouble proving their real income and this makes it very difficult for them to be approved for other types of mortgages. This is the perfect program for self employed and if you have very good credit, then it will be a very easy mortgage for you to obtain.

Third, if you are a tipped employee, independent contractor, deal drugs, prostitute yourself, or get paid cash for a service, then this might be the program for you as well. These types of individuals have a lot of trouble proving their income or cannot do so because of what they do so the stated mortgage loan programs work out very well for them. However, these individuals should always try to qualify for a different program first before trying the stated income program.

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Stated Mortgage Loan Programs

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