A Better Comparison Of Unsecured Personal Loan Rates

January 2, 2019 Off By admin

Unsecured personal loans are assumed as the most preferred loan deals for borrowers. People like this kind of loan deals because they have the least risk when they have such kind of loans. But as these kind of loan deals are little risky for money lenders, they charge little high rates for such loans than the secured loans. Not all the money lenders do these things. Also there are lots of unsecured personal loan schemes. Each has their own rules & regulations & also terms which differ from the other. Here, a comparison of different unsecured personal loan rates is described so that you can take a clear idea about these things.

Highest rates of unsecured personal loan rates:

The unsecured personal rates loan rates are high for the most traditional personal loans. It charges more than 12% of interest rate for the loans they provide. The application charge for such loan is more than $120. The loan amount for such loan can be minimum $2000 to maximum $30,000. These loans are high in charge but with such loans you can fulfill various purposes later like debt consolidation. That is why even with high charges, people prefer to take this loans. The bank policy for such loans are also too much favor on the borrowers. They try to provide you the best customer services for all of your queries. But, you have the option for negotiation to get the desired loan rates. Repayment term for such loans can be 1 to 7 years.

Fixed rates for unsecured personal loan rates

There are some personal loan packages which come up with a fixed rate. This package loan deals have a fixed rate of interest rates. The loan amount that is distributed on such packages comes with a fixed amount. The lowest rate for these fixed unsecured personal loans can be 10% of interest rate on the principal amount of loans. The problem of such loan is that you do not have any room for negotiation when you take such loan. The highest loan amount for such loan can be up to $30,000. All the rules & conditions that would apply on such loans are fixed. Some of these loans do not give the facility like debt consolidation. Still they are quite good loan deals as you have the lowest rates for such loans. The repayments terms of such loan is also shorter & cannot be more than 3 years.