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Features and Benefits of Citi Bank Personal Loan

November 25, 2019 Off

Features: Personal loan can be taken for renovating house, celebrate wedding, planning an outing etc. 1.Loan available up to Rs 15 lakh. 2.Loan repayment period varies up to 60 months 3.Hassle free loan without guarantors, security or hypothecation. 4.Personalized services are provided to all the customers. 5.For existing customers with a clear repayment in 12 months

Eligibility: Personal Loan is currently available for salaried individuals and self-employed professionals & existing customers who have Suvidha premium account or a home loan can avail of Citibank Personal Loan. Charges: Booking Fee (Processing Charges): Up to 2.5% of the loan amount sanctioned, this fees is deducted from loan amount at the time of disbursal. Cheque/ECS bounce charges: Rs 250 per bounce. Late payment charges: All the EMIs have to be paid on 1st of every month if delay in payment an additional interest of 2% p.a. is charged on outstanding balance of loan. Loan pre closure charges: Prepayment of loan is not allowed within 6 months from disbursal of loan. No partial prepayment is allowed, pre-closure charges are levied at the rate of 3% on total principal outstanding. Statement Copy: Rs 500. Interest Rate: interest rate on the loan will be the rate applicable at the time of signing the loan agreement currently it is 15% to 20% p.a. For apply loan visit

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Take Benefit Of Personal Loans In India

November 22, 2019 Off

Indian banks have offered the personal loan at the low rate of interest for all finance seekers. Yes, it is a commendable idea to take the advantage of Indian banks best offered personal finance providing plans and get free from bad credit situation whenever needed.

Applying for the personal finance in India is easy now because most of the Indian banks have offered beneficial personal finance for the loan seekers at low rate of interest. Personal loan is beneficial for the consumer to manage his/her expenses of daily life such as medical bill, education expenses, electricity bill, marriage expense and many more. All these expenditure can be easily managed by grabbing the benefit of Indian banks low interest personal finance plans.

One can apply for personal loans from Indian loan providing firms with ease. If the requirement is urgent, India banks may also sanction the personal finance with immediate effect. No need to get worried about the long documentation procedure, because Indian banks may sanction the loan after doing less paper work formalities as well. Thus, it is a wise deal for the loan seekers to go for the personal credit option of Indian banks.

Indian banks have estimated the loans interest at the minimal charges with the desired installment paying plans as well. Under such plans, finance consumers may grab the privilege of paying back the loan amount at the desired monthly or yearly basis. If the consumer goes for the option of monthly bill paying scheme then he/she can apply for the installment plan valid for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months etc. Similarly, the loan installment plan may also be valid for the yearly basis as well. However, the consumer can go for any of the installment plan as per his/her convenience.

Before applying for the loan from any bank, consumer needs to be aware about the authorization of the finance providing agency. It is recommended wisely to be conscious about prime verification of finance agency otherwise it may be a fraud or else. Usually, there might not be the involvement of any middle man takes place while applying for the personal Loans in India. Loan seekers may directly contact to the India banks and apply for the finance. But preliminary investigation about finance agency is a big deal for all loan consumers that should be taken care of wisely. But the frauds seen in the India banks are very rare and loan can be sanctioned with proper care or by doing all legal formalities of paper work.

However, it is easy now to grab the beneficial personal loan from Indian banks at the low interest and accomplish the need of money on time.

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How To Get That Personal Loan From Banks Quickly

November 20, 2019 Off

People go to bank or visit banks website for personal loan, when they need money and there is no other form of loan available. People opt for personal loans when they dont have the time to wait for any other loan. You can use this loan for almost any and every purpose of your choice.

But, as non-secure loan, most people use it for medical or financial emergencies, wedding or other family expenses, etc. In other words, it is primarily used for unanticipated expenses that you have no savings for. Lenders strategy is to offer money when you need it. However, you should take your time to identify the best personal loan in spite of being in hurry. So, here are the steps you can take for getting the personal loans at the lowest interest rates.

1. Compare all personal loans

Most loan comparison websites would show you the best suited banks for your particular loan requirement. Thus, it saves your precious time that you might have spent contacting banks and finance companies. Based on your employer, salary and credit history, employees will be qualified for certain amount of loan while businessmen would need good credit history and substantial net annual income to qualify for this type of loan. You must remember that since it is a non-secure loan, banks like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank etc. would depend on your repayment ability to grant you loan.

2. Apply to multiple lenders

As discussed earlier, most borrowers choose this kind of loan because they dont have time for secure loans such as loan against the property. Therefore, you should apply to as many lenders as possible from the list suggested by comparison banking websites. This would improve your odds as numerous lenders could offer you a valid offer for same requirement. Then, you can choose the best personal loan that has lowest interest rates.

3. Verify the documentation

It is important to ensure that the loan you accept has appropriate terms and conditions as they can really affect your financial life. Personal loans have the highest interest rates and can be very expensive. So, you should ensure that the terms and conditions would include prepayment, suitable repayment strategy and suitable loan duration and processing fees.

Most people are well aware of first two steps though they dont optimize it. But, people tend to ignore the last step. Agreeably, it may seem irrelevant in the urgency you face. But, it is the most important one in the long run. So, take your time to check the fine print before you sign on the legal documents for the loan.

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Assam Gramin Vikash Bank – AGVB Personal Loan Scheme

November 12, 2019 Off

Government of India through a notification dated 12th January 2006 amalgamated the four Regional Rur…

Government of India through a notification dated 12th January 2006 amalgamated the four Regional Rural Banks sponsored by the United Bank of India in the state of Assam to form Assam Gramin Vikash Bank (AGVB).

The erstwhile RRBs amalgamated were Pragjyotish Gaonlia Bank (Established on 06-07-1976), Lakhimi Gaonlia Bank (Established on 29-07-1980), Cachar Gramin Bank (Established on 31-03-1981) and Subansiri Gaonlia Bank (Established on 30-03-1982).

Thus Assam Gramin Vikash Bank (AGVB) came into existence from 12th January 2006 covering the areas of operation of the pre-amalgamated RRBs. The bank has its Head Office at Guwahati.

Purpose: To meet the lawful personal expenses an individual this personal loan can be availed.

Eligibility: The following categories of people are eligible for the loan:

(i)Salaried permanent employees of Government / Public Sector/Corporate Organizations with check off arrangement are eligible for the loan.

(ii)Professional and Self Employed Persons like Architects, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, etc. with annual income not less than Rs.2.00 lakh are also eligible for this personal loan scheme.

Loan amount:

Salaried Persons :

i) Rs.60000/- or 6 months gross salary whichever is lower

ii) Where wife is a co-borrower Rs.1.00 lakh or 10 months gross salary

iii) Where wife is a co-borrower and working lady Rs.1.20 lakh or 12 month gross salary.

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Unsecured Personal Loan At Low Interest Make Your Deal Risk Free

November 4, 2019 Off

Personal loan for tenant is as well referred to as unsecured personal loan. It is specially planned to meet the private requirements of the tenants. Although its a tenant loan it is not presently confined to tenants alone. Even a homeowner unwilling to put aside his assets as collateral can benefit of low interest unsecured personal loan.
Low interest personal loan: No collateral, no risk!
Risk free unsecured personal loans at low interest provide both a tenant and a homeowner equally. Such low interest unsecured personal loans are now obtainable at the mainly positive rates based on your credit scores, loan range, past monetary record. Even though there are more than a few lending institution rights from usual ones such as banks to online lenders. It has been prove that applying loan with an online lender is an improved option as it saves time, cash and efforts.
Cause of low interest unsecured loan personal:
A wide array of income to suit your personal needs. Gratify the mainly urgent wants with quick cash on hand. You can use your personal loan unsecured to finance a vehicle, make marriage plans, consolidate debts, house improvements or planning of holiday etc.
Two types of interest rate with personal loan unsecured – low price personal loan:
Two kinds of interest rates offered to a creditor: set and flexible rate. In case of a fixed notice rate, no matter what the market fluctuation is, your personal loan rates remain the same. On the extra hand, a flexible rate of interest oscillates with the change in market rates.
Although the charge would later be affected by the external forces and marketplace prices, you just make sure that supple interest rate is lower than your fixed rates in the beginning. In adding to this, create sure that you borrow as per your repaying aptitude; otherwise your credit score can be harmfully affected. Be careful of it!
Low interest personal debt consolidation loan!
Try and have total manage over your expenses. This will reduce your problem of paying high interest rates on your obtainable loans. An additional advantage would be that you can discover discount rates; no extra worrying about tackling those threatening calls of your past creditors. Now a Low interest personal debt consolidation loan would get away all your difficulty.
Low interest debt consolidation can put aside a huge contract of cash, lower down your monthly repayments and give to a majority of your requirements. If your outstanding has maxed out, achieve out to us. First of all charge your entire financial situation or seek assist to finalize on a loan choice.

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